Tuesday, March 8, 2011


16 of History's Most Rebellious Women

In honor of International Women's Day, TIME takes a look at some unlikely revolutionaries, from Joan of Arc to Harriet Tubman and a modern-day mother of three who became a key democracy activist in Yemen.

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Read the captions of these photos as well as the post on the Students' Page and write your opinion about the women's achievements during the last 100 years. 

Do you believe that women nowadays have satisfactory access to education and equal privileges to men, especially concerning developing countries or certain religions, like Muslims?


  1. According to the articles, we see what these women have achieved all over the years. They made a start, so as today to have an equal treatment with men even though that refers to work or education.
    Although due to the European Human act, women and men have the same rights, opportunities and treatment, is there a real equality? In my opinion this is not happening always. Women, by nature, do not have the same strength as men so they are not able to work in constructions etc. Something similar is also seen in the Olympic Games. We all noticed that women and men race in different categories in sports and have some different rules. Why is this happening if men and women are the same? In addition, there are many employees who do not want to hire women, because they take some extra money, if they have any children, but also if they get pregnant they cannot be fired (even though they are not able to work).
    Unfortunately, In some developing countries, women have no rights and they are not allowed to express any opinion they have. A key example, are women in Islam. First of all they have o totally different dress code. They are wearing clothes that are covering all their body but also their face. In addition, after getting married, they are handled by their husbands. They are not able to get divorce, although they are abused by their spouse. Finally, women in Islam, are not allowed to educate themselves, because, as it is said, they are never going to work so they do not need to be educated. These are some of the main reasons, why women from countries like these, are leaving their native countries, in order to get a better treatment.

  2. You are absolutely right, Helen! Women in certain countries still have a lot to fight for! The whole point is to know how to stand up for your rights, no matter the sex! Don't you agree? :)

  3. Nowadays, women are not free as neither the working class. Both of them get to claim their liberation. It is surely our moral obligation to highlight women's memorable , courageous struggles. However, all of us have to go on that political and social actions until our emanicipation. It is true that today women have acquired some rights. First of all, they vote and think that they could influence public opinion. That is not true. They usually vote charming men. Secondly, they choose their spouse. However, they continue to prefer rich and famous men. They have become financially independent. This is a very funny opinion if we examine their salaries compared to those of men. Last but not least, they wear whatever they want. In fact, they wear nothing or only sexy clothes so as to be pleasing to men. Who creates these standards for women? Me, you or the current mode of production? Women are slaves of their image and they rarely cultivate their spirit. Turn on the T.V. , it is a pity. Of course , there are still shining exceptions. There are women who stand up for human rights, sacrificing their lives. They are an example which all of us must follow. We are experiencing inequality in our routine. To be free , we are obliged to sidestep any competition and struggle for an alternative society. Above all, we need to get to realise for whom, for which and why we struggle.

  4. I believe that all those women who made sacrifices and struggled to achieve an equal treatment have to be honored.Not only because they were dedicated to their goal,which was an equal society,not only because they stood up for their rights,but mainly because even though they knew that after this revolution their lives would undergone vital changes they never regretted it.They were raised in a society,were women were considered weak and not capable of expressing their own opinion.When they were children they were energetic,full of livelihood and most importantly they had a tendency to react to everything around them.They questioned their mother's motives,when her opinion was totally manipulated by their father.But,sooner or later they had to integrate with the rest of the society and their personality was altered.They were reluctant to take part in conversations and never opposed to their husband's views.Some women however searched deep in their hearts and found the courage to revolutionize this community.Everyone had to be aware that women shouldn't be raised for the sole purpose of giving birth to children.Women shouldn't be underestimated.They have talents,wants and most importantly every woman has the ability to effectively contribute to the social and political life.These women knew that everybody would be against their struggle.Everybody would consider them unwanted rebels.But they didn't take anything into account,they made sacrifices and now this conventional community has become a thing of the past.We have to admire them for that,because without them everything would turn out to be different.

  5. The comment above is not mine. I have the feeling that the writer of this comment believes that female struggles came to an end in our days societies. In my opinion, women must fight for more rights, equality and freedom next to the working class as it is the only way to throw off the exploitation of the wage labor and its results (This period we are in, we can see many of them). We must not forget that many women are part of the working class. However, we can not ignore the fights given and everything they have gained from these fights.
    Also, equality has a strange meaning. When we talk about it we must have in mind that every one is different, has different abilities and different needs. So, with equality we mean that everyone will offer to the society according to their ability and will get everything they need to have a normal life. This does not happen in our societies, and women are historically in worse position than men.
    To conclude, i could say that i agree with the analysis of Sotiria. She emphasizes in some features of the women's position.

  6. No battle has ever ended, Thodori! I think our mysterious anonymous writer refers mostly to women who fought early for their rights; things have improved in some cases, at least in my humble opinion, but there is still room for more progress to be made. Especially when we see women being publicly hit and killed, like animals, as a punishment for an immoral action they supposedly committed against their husbands, we have a lot to think about, concerning not only women's rights, but human rights in general...