Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What will you be doing during Earth Hour?

8:30 PM Saturday 26th March 2011


  1. This action is the least that every individual should do in order to save some energy and try to minimize some environmental disorders that we face daily. Of cource and i will be a part of this action in order to try, to save our planet.

  2. There is an opinion that grows in our days societies regarding the responsibility we have in some matters like the environmental pollution or the corruption in many parts of our daily life. Consequently, we feel so responsible for the climate change and others ecological problems that we feel good when we take part in some activism like earth hour and maybe we consider that we have done our duty toward the environment.

    However, the same time we forget that water and air in some areas of the world are commercial products and are sold to big industrial companies. And why does it happen? For me it is quite simple: they give the responsibility to us so that they can pollute atmosphere as much as they want to gain profit. The same time we switch off the lights everywhere, the industrial companies continues to pollute because the production can not stop since the profit waits.The profit is also made because big industrial companies do not want to use alternatives energy sources just because they do not want to spend so much money for new facilities.

    It is a pity that all works with money, but in the university I have learned that for things we can not imagine there is always a solution and thus for environmental problems. What we need is to organize the production and the economy in different way, with big attention to the needs of the society and the environment. Of course that supposes that money and profit will be far away from our minds!!

    In conclusion, why Ban ki-moon,the general secretary of UN see positively the earth hour at the same time he supports the attacks in Libya that are done for the oil sources? Why in WWF that is behind earth hour, are people that works in big companies (we do not talk about common people, but presidents,company executives and bankers). A great example was Godfrey Rockefeller. Member of the Rockefeller family, was the key man behind the oil company SHELL and founder of WWF !!
    Saturday I will also switch off some lights, not for saving the world but for saving some money so I can have fun with my friends!

  3. I strongly consider that Earth hour is an absolutely misleading action. Who could believe that a problem will be resolved if we celebrate it once or twice during a year? It is ridiculous, is it not? In addition to this, who thinks that we are to save our planet if we make up a romantic atmosphere? To confront that problem radically, in our daily lives, we have to respect Nature and act in its favor. There are few people who are exclusively keen on their profits. They are capitalists. They exploit Mother Earth to increase their saving accounts. So, to save our planet, we get to change that mode of production and live according to our needs and not to our desires. To sum up, Earth hour is a worldwide misleading movement. One has no power to change our chances. All of us should realise that earth does not belong to us, but we to it. We may also be vanished , but earth and universe, NEVER. If we are fond of living on earth, we are obliged to respect it. That is not tough; by contrast, it is a piece of cake if we use our power...united.

  4. It is almost naive to be beilieved that it is the first step to save our poor planet. Our thought is individualistic, our action also. Switching off the lights for an hour so as to realise that our planet is in danger when all industrialists pollute environment every minute and buy fresh air in the Amazon, it is nonsensical!! After the nuclear emergency in Japan, the last war in Libya, every summer fires , if we waste a few or more energy, will we save our planet? Change your mind and believe that an alternative society without no kind of exploitation is possible. It is up to us!

  5. What both Thodoris and you,Sotiria, have said, have a political basis, but don't you also think that we all have our share in saving this poor planet? Switching off the lights even for one hour is the first step to be taken towards a more comprehensive set of actions. Passing the buck to other people, even the rich and powerful ones, will not solve anything- our own individual actions will.

    We agree to disagree, then!

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