About Sotiria and Christina

My name is Christina Markoulaki and I am a certified EFL teacher in Greece, where I was also born. I am fortunate enough to have been trusted with students of all ages and levels within my 5 working years, their ages ranging from 4 to 44 years old! Using modern technology in the classroom to create new learning experiences is what fascinates me. All links concerning the school I work in can be found on this colourful glog!

My name is Sotiria. I live in Heraklion and I'm Greek. I am a teacher of modern Greek language and culture. I teach French to Christine who is a brilliant student and a superb teacher of English! I always make an effort to learn French, Italian and English in order to discover the magic of  every language. In my free time, I am fond of reading books and writing poetry. I am very keen on creating jewellery by clay. I adore my bike which is a loyal friend and accompanies me almost everywhere.