Friday, January 28, 2011

Immigrants: Just another social problem?

Immigrants in Greece Occupy University, Start Hunger Strike:

Read this article and explain how you feel about this influx of immigrants.


  1. Immigrants come from countries that are suffering from war. It is interesting to see how these wars are held and from which countries. It is commonly known that we live in an economical system that allows free market to expand everywhere without rules with one major reason : profit. With the development of the west countries, USA and Europe, the capitalists of these countries they take advantage of poor countries that have however mineral wealth and try to take control by economical exploitation and by war in order to gain more. Big oil and food factories are transferred to poor countries and exploit poor people in exchange with a small salary after they had beat them with a war.
    These situations cause a big wave of immigrants that travel long miles to find a better life in Europe and in developed countries. In Greece we have many immigrants that come from Middle East, and the greek government with her fascist policy try to marginalize them, to catch them and many times the greek police maintain them in prisons or open fire against them. Unfortunately in greeks border they have discovered many times mass graves of immigrants. The attacking of the government does not stop there as with the participation of the media they try to rumor many prejudice to greek people in order to grow in hatred and coverage with this manner many of the greek problems.
    But immigrants are not in Greece for beeing rebels or fighting greek people. They come here for working and try to survive in the same moment that for us survival is more explicit. Here is the big question. Why Greece keeps on beeing in NATO and participates with soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq and has cooperations with the Israeli army? To conclude, it is certainly that the expansive policy of free market is behind wars and not the discrimination of peoples. Peoples have nothing to let them separated. These wars lead to an increasing number of immigrants and alongside increase the exploitation of people by the profits of the market.

  2. Immigrants do not only come from countries suffering from wars and poverty. We should distinguish between immigrants and refugees. Immigrants are looking for a better life, that is why they leave their countries. Refugees cannot choose. Their uprooting is a question of life and death. Immigration is not a social problem, but their social integration and the social tolerance of the country which hosts them. Yes, that is a thorny social problem, because it could provoke many problems , for example hatred against immigrants, against diversity or it could bring out increased criminality in the ghetto area. If an immigrant offers his workforce , he is a productive and respectable part of any society.

    However, governments -and not only- exploit cheap immigrant labor. For example, before the Olympics, immigrants rebuilt Athens. After they finished all grandiose projects, then they were deported. Is that justice? Immigrants were not a social problem for a time , but the days passed by and immigrants became social enemies of the Greek people. No human being should ever be a social trouble. It is clear that no human being is illegal.

    To conclude, I strongly believe that without immigrants , European -and not only- economy would have collapsed long ago. I would like to add that if we respect our neighbor regardless of tribe, religion or sex, we could co-exist without problems, harmoniously. We can be equal although we are different.