Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I am sure you will enjoy reading and learning the words of
 a very interesting online article about Greek political affairs: 

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The motto 'Wake Up!' was formed by burning candles during the
 indignant citizens' demonstrations at Heraklion's main square. 

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  1. "Wake up" is a good start , but it is not enough. We have to realise that each state is obliged to serve the interests of the banks and the capitalists without always caring about an important part of the population falling below the poverty line. To clarify this, thousands little companies are closed or bankrupt at Iraklio. A lot of workers lose their jobs and are dismissed every day.

    This econimic crisis is also moral. I think that we should change our way of life. We consume and we do not produce. We are a victim of the capitalist system. That is all! We may wake up and believe in our willpower and rebuild a new society without discriminations, wars, injustice. I dream of an alternative society without the segregation between the rich and he poor , but each of us will do what he is gifted for.

    To conclude, to change a rotten society, we have only a single solution, the revolution. A revolution can be peaceful or violent. It is not only up to us. The state violence is the most brutal and vicious because it is legal and we are sometimes convinced that it can protect us by a metaphysical evil we cannot understand. Thus, resistance is our moral duty and solidarity is our force. WAKE UP!