Thursday, January 23, 2014

What are the most important qualities of every good parent?

To have a family and  especially to bring up children has tremendous responsibility. Being a good parent requires certain qualities. As I see it, being selfless and insporing are the most important.

The most significant quality is selflessness. Good parents should make sacrifices. They do nto have to be egocentric, but give priority to the interests of their children. Children feel iften unloving and lonely, because their parents cannot pas their time with them. That happens as they are stressed ad absolutely tired when they return home after hard work. However childreb always  need love and tenderness.That is why parents must devote an importnat part of their free time to them.

Αll in all, it seems to be generally accepted that the parents of adolescents must be generous and stimulate curiosity of their children. If they have these qualities, their children are more likely to be equilibred, happy, motivated , well educate , sociable to full their potential.

Moreover, I strongly believe that good parents are a good role model. Children often imitate adylts and especially their parents' habits. In addition, children admire their parents, so their relationship based on admiration, love and respect. If parents read books, do exercises, discuss with their children , the last on will keen on reading and they will be much more extroverted. Good parents motivate and inspire their children ro be creative and curious.

To sum up, to become a good parent needs generosity and inspiration. Children feel isolated and unhappy if their parents do not deal with them. They can feel if their parents care about them or not. in my opinion, it is really difficult to be a successful parent, but it is not impossible. 

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  1. Wow, a new blog post at last! I am so proud of you, Sotiraki! However, I would like to remind you of certain things. For example, what is the paragraph structure expected to be used in ECPE exams?

    4 paragraphs:
    1) Introduction
    2) Main body/ Par. 2: first argument and details
    3) Main body/ Par.3: second argument and details
    4) Conclusion: Sum up, express your opinion or send a final message

    Can you change your text and follow this paragraph plan?