Monday, July 23, 2012

What do you usually do in the summer?

 Dear my friend,

I absolutely adore summer, because I am continuously on vacation and I can get away from it all. Surely, I am obliged to confront heatwaves, principally on my island. Fortunately, I am passionate about swimming. Everyday, I am mad about discovering new beaches with my friends. Thus, I often go on a trip. They love to try out doing piles of water sports, but me , I am not so athletic. The island where I stay is full of exotic, sandy or pebbly beaches and water parks. However, I dislike sunbathing, but I can avoid it , sitting in the shade. 

I am mad about reading books, especially plays. I prefer reading them wherever there is a bit of shade, of course. In the afternoon, I am keen on cycling with my friends and hanging out with them. We usually talk about politics,  human relations or cooking. I have a fantastic time with them. 

I am also fond of walking alone, while I  listen to my preferred music. So, I have time to dream about my life and an alternative world or to organize my plans of winter in the summer. I cannot hide, I like very much relaxing and I enjoy my life without being anxious about my job or how I will earn my living. I just live. 

And you, what  are you interested in doing in the summer?

                                                                                                    With love, 

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  1. Wow, you impressed me once again! I do not have any important correction to make; your vocabulary and grammar are amazing! Really! I am sure you have realized by now that you are a quick learner and a resourceful blogger! Well done, Sotiria! :-)